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CREZILLA is a global creative network, built on a web and mobile platform, that helps professional and amateur content creators discover fabulous on and off screen talent, the smartest professionals, and the best service providers, allowing them to put together productions of any scale or budget quickly and easily.


CONTENT CREATORS Put project teams together quickly and discover new talent and service providers.
TALENT Showcase your talent, expand your network letting the biggest content creators from around the world find you.
SERVICE PROVIDERS Expand your client network and quote for projects with the biggest content creators from around the world.


We want CREZILLA to be easy for you to use and fun! So we've built it around a social interface with lots of familiar tools and tricks. Whether you're a content creator, talent, service provider or just someone who wants to get a sense of the global creative scene, this is the place to be.

SOCIAL Join our global creative community and expand your network.
SHOWCASE Showcase your organization, talent, experience or skill with our portfolio tools.
NETWORK Our on ground social events create superb industry networking opportunities.
OPPORTUNITIES Apply for advertised work opportunities or simply let new clients discover you
INFORMATION Up to date and accurate info, allows our search engines to find you easily, matching you with the best opportunities.
PICTURES Good quality pictures and videos bring your profile alive and attract more attention
SECURITY Do not share your mobile or email address with strangers. CREZILLA never shares member contact information. Use our messenger function to reach out directly.
INVITE Invite friends to join you on Crezilla. It's a fun place to be!


You need to create an account to join the CREZILLA community. Creating an account is FREE and takes just a few minutes. You can also use our social media sign in to speed things up. In order to have a meaningful experience, follow the best practice advice below.